April is asthmatic

Since April was 3 year-old, she had multiple cold and flu. Every time she took quite long to recover from her cough. When she recovered, she could only enjoy the zero cough moment for only few weeks time, then the cough and flu returned. Including the record that she admitted to GMC Penang in last year due to the pneumonia, we have actually gone for almost all the famous GP and Paediatricians in town, as well as Glen eagle Medical Center and Hospital Lam Wah Ee in Penang. One particular GP told us that April is allergy type of child, she needs to take steroid inhaler to prevent the allergy from turning into Asthma. Hubb and I couldn't believe it, as none of us are asthmatic. We were actually quite hesitated to let April use the inhaler. We were in doubt that the long term use of the steroid might cause any side effect on the development of her growth.

Hubb and I decided to seek another opinion in this new Hospital Columbia Asia in town. Dr Fabian Matthew is the paediatrician there, who was previously from Hospital Children Hope in Penang.

After his diagnostic, he confirmed that April is actually asthmatic child, as he could find the following symptoms in her.
1. She has red circle at the bottom of her eyes area.
2. She uses to have eczema at the back of her knees and elbows.
3. She coughs and wheezes, when she doesn't have throat irritation.
4. She has good respond to nebuliser treatment with Ventolin.
5. She has sensitive nose.
6. Persistence cough without breathing difficulty is also a type of silence asthma.

Dr Fabian concluded that April is asthmatic as she is having nose allergy, skin allergy and lung allergy. These 3 allergies are in one group, that is Asthma.

From now on, hubb and I decided to work closely with Dr. Fabian, in order to give April the best treatment of her allergies. We have actually started her on the inhaler with Seretide for her lung and Clarityne for her nose. Dr. Fabian has stressed to us that the inhaler is the best treatment for asthmatic patient, as the medicine is going straight to the lung and not to the blood stream. So this is different for the oral medication, inhaler has minimal side effect on the health and acts quicker than the oral medication. He also stated that if the asthmatic patients are under control of getting more asthma attacks during the childhood, most slightly that they can outgrow the problem when they in their teens.

I told hubb that we cannot be upset, instead we have to accept the fact that our child is asthmatic. We have to be thankful that we know it earlier. We have to trust the doctor diagnostic, and take good care of April, my sweet heart.


  1. Remember i read from online article, it says swimming is a good exercise for asthmatic kid. And also, some people said taking beef or mutton occasionally can help asthma as both beef and mutton can "warm" the lung.

    No worry, so long April is under the care of doc, her asthmatic will bye bye with her very soon!

  2. Thanks Joanne for your concerns and advices.

  3. If i influence u earlier to Fabian then is good lor....anyway at leat u know it earlier before its too late

  4. Yes Angeline, at least we do not need to travel so far anymore. It is more convenient for us now to get April on regular checkup.