The happiest moment of Yan

I always want to write about my happiest moment. My happiest moment is having a nap together with both my sweeties during the weekend. In more precise term, my happiest moments are on every Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm to 5.30pm. During these hours, I un-plugged the phone cables and put my mobile at the dining table, in order to make sure that our sweet sweet dreams wouldn't be interrupted by the rings. Besides, I also shut the door as a sign of "Do not disturb!" . I would feel extremely irritated, if my sleep was interrupted. Grrrrrrr....

That was the only time that I could catch up all my sleep loss during the week days. Every time I woke up from sweet nap, I felt my batteries were fully charged. I was liked re-gaining all the power. I could easily sleep through for 1 hour. If that day that I was lucky enough, I could even sleep up to 1.5 hour or 2 hours. I was surprised too, I was still able to sleep at night at the time that I used to doze off. Some people may not be able to sleep so early at night if they have taken nap. However, I seems have no such problem. May be I was overly tired during the week days, so how much more I napped in the weekend was not seems enough to replace it.

During these hours, when 3 of us were napped, my hubb would go for his badminton matches or gyms. He seldom took nap. When he was back in the evening, he would come up stair straight to give us the evening call. He was worrying that the children took too much nap and would stay up late at night, and he would be too tire to entertain them, as he was the only person not taking nap that day. Then, I would proudly tell him that how sweet my nap just now, how nice I feel now, how happy I am now, how energetic I can be so I want him to take me for more shopping tonight. He just stared at me speechlessly.

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