The last month in year 2008

Due to Hari Raya Haji and the company has additional day of plant shut down, so last weekend was a long weekend. Since it is already in the very last month of year 2008. I accomplished a few things during the long holidays.

1. Hubb and I went for a dental checkup. It is very nice to have the dental supply of RM500 from hubb company. It will be just waived, if it is not being utilized in a year. Both of us went for the annual checkup and thorough cleaning of our teeth. The cleaning process make my gums still pain now T________T. As usual, the dentist advised me to remove my wisdom tooth by a minor surgery. I don't want to, it sound so scary. I'll rather pay double or triple attention while cleaning my teeth, especially the wisdom tooth area. I'm worrying that after removing my wisdom tooth, I won't be so wise anymore. Hehehe.....

2. I managed to sneak out alone from home just for the CNY cloths shopping. I left my two kids with my hubby. In short, I spent quite a lot last weekend, I had made sure everyone have new cloths and new shoes.

3. I did also spend some quality time with my two princesses and my love one.

Nevertheless, I still have some outstanding items which it is queueing for my action and attention before the arrival of Ox year.

1. Housekeeping my wardrobe and my princesses' wardrobe. It is also time to donate some of the cloths to the charity department, in order to free up some spaces for the newly bought cloths.

2. 1 more kg to lose, and I'll be contented.

3. Spend more time with hubb, as he has put a lot of effort to make the children and my life very comfortable and cozy

4. Dye my hair and bring my princesses for a hair cut.

Last but not least, I wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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