I am very particular at my children nap time. Some people may think that I was being too stubborn in term of putting it as a must for my children, especially when they have to turn into a preschooler. I also don't know why I was so stubborn in this. May be it is because my late mom who also insisted us to nap on every afternoon when we were young. So, I was influenced by her indirectly, when I myself become a mom now.

I would be a bit annoyed if my children skipped their nap under the care of the babysitter. Of course, they have no chance to skip at all during my own care at the weekend. Due to my persistence demand on this aspect, the babysitter has also scared to fail in putting them to nap now. Hence, afternoon nap has become a routine for my children.

This morning when I stumbled the article on The Star Online: Lifestyle: Life Parenting: Afternoon Siesta, it talks about naps are important for the growth and well-being of an active pre-schooler. It also support my idea of making it a point to keep the nap time a routine as much as possible. According to the article, this way, the pre-schooler will realise that rest is important to everyone and we are serious about this. It also stressed that the preschool child will not resist sleep when she feels secure and happy.

I feel so glad that my stubborn idea on the nap time is actually right and good for my children.


  1. hi yan! I send u this msg from my hp. I totally agree with u! Nap is very important for growing kids. It may helps them to release stress n helps to calm them down. I experienced that. Calvin shows tantrum n dislikes when the day get towards the evening. Grumpy all the time. But now no more. Whether he's tired or not, i still make him to take a nap. Don't worry children always need much more rest than adult.

  2. That's mean you read my blog through your HP. Hebat! Thank you, my most royalty reader.