New Year 2009 Resolution

Every year comes to an end, I always have a resolution.

Here are them.
1. Teach my children in a positive manner, and not in punishment. (It means to keep away the cane this coming year)
2. Talk softly, clearly and gently to my children and hubb. (They can hear it better and feel loved, confident and respected)
3. Look carefully at what my children are doing and listen attentively to what they are saying.
(Children want to be respected and cared for without prejudice or violence)
4. Spend more time with hubb. (Loving parents have loving kids)
5. Spend less money with more quality product. (Learn to be a smart consumer)
6. Listen to your heart. (Woman with confidence is always beautiful)

Last but not least, 7. Eat less and exercise more. (No starve no lose). This last point is in my list forever.

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