What a dream

When I returned from work yesterday, hubb told me that he has a weird dream last night. He dreamed of me giving birth to our 3rd baby girl. In the dream, he rode bicycle to hospital to visit me, but he went to a wrong hospital and couldn't find me there. Then, he rode to another hospital at the end. Thanks goodness that our area do not have many hospitals. Otherwise he had to continue to ride and try....He even told me that he received Angpau and gift from my childhood friend, Cannie.
After listening to his very funny dream, I asked him whether he got shock, disappointed, pengsan for another baby girl. He didn't answer all my stupid questions, hahhhhaahheee....

May all his dreams come true??????????
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Aurora Dresses

April has been urging me to buy her a Princess Aurora's gown long ago. However I still couldn't have time to go to have a look at the mall.

On Friday evening, when I went to pasar malam to buy some vegetable, I saw some Disney Characters house dresses selling there. They are Aeriel (Little Mermaid), Tickerbell (Peter Pan), Hello Kitty, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), etc. I was so excited seeing Aurora dresses, as my children are Aurora's fans. Don't ask me why they are not Snow White's fan, Cinderella's fan, Aeriel's Fan or Belle's Fan. They simply find that Aurora is the most beautiful of all the Disney princesses.

After seeking opinion from hubb, we bought April and May to go there to have a closer look again. At the end, we brought the L size spaghetti straps Aurora dress for April, the S size mini sleeves for May. April and May were really overjoyed over the dresses. I told them that I need to get them wash before they can wear it on Sunday.

Finally, they got the chance to be Aurora on this Sunday. I know that April is still hoping to have the gown. This was just my temporary solution to ease their desire to be Aurora. Hah....

This is Aurora April. She likes Peter Pan, Aurora and Mickey, and good in playing hula hoop and drawing. Nowadays, she loves singing "M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E, it the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside, it's fun inside....."

This is Aurora May. She likes Aurora, Mickey and Barney, and good in crying to get what she wants. She knows how to sing "A.B.C.D.E.F.G......" and "Twinkle twinkle little star....".

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An Empress Another Warriors 江山美人

Last night, after my two princesses have gone to their dreamland, I told hubb that I wanted to watch the <江山美人> DVD that I borrowed from Yvonne this morning. To my surprise, hubb agreed to let me watch and watched together me. In the past, he would not allow as when my princesses have slept, the time was already 11pm, and I needed to work on the next day. It is very rare that both hubb and I were fond to watch a same movie. He liked, as it was about warriors and battles. I liked, as it had my most favourable Leon Lai. Hehe.....
Afterall, I find this movie quite nice, may be it is because of not seeing Leon's movie for quite some time already.

Although it was about warriors and battle fighting, it has several very romantic and touching scenes too. Especially, the romance between Leon Lai and Kelly Chan were so sweet. Let me tell you only the romantic part.
Kelly Chan, she was a princess and she forced to be a warrior after the dead of her father. Leon found and rescued Kelly, when she had wounded badly by her enemies. After being together for a few days with him, she got well and returned to her kingdom. Since then, they missed each other so much........
Then, she decided to give away her throne to Donny Yen, whom was her father adopted son. She went back to find Leon. They were in love............

However, happy moments were not lasting. Her enemies found their hidden place. In order to safe Kelly, Leon.................
If you are interested to know whether the ending is good, please watch An Empress Another Warriors.
One last thing before I forget, the theme song which was sung by Leon and Kelly - 随梦而飞 is a very nice song.
主题曲作词:林 夕
(陈)我何尝喜欢带着伤成长成就他人对我期望 (黎)谁在乎流芳
(陈)人间天堂 (黎)无穷无尽江山(陈)从来没有那么好看
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I used to buy children and parenting books online. ValuebookShop is the online book shop that I like to visit most. I found the books there are good in condition and cheaper in price. Besides, the owner, AiLian is providing the very best service that is possible.

The books that I bought from ValuebookShop so far were Goldilocks, 3 Little Pigs, Disney Value Pack (18 books in a box set), Loving your children is not enough, No David, Barenstein Bears Series, etc. My children love reading those books. Their favourite books now are the 18 Disney stories. April likes Peter Pan, and May likes Sleeping Beauty.

I have also recommended this online book shop to my colleague Yvonne. She has also purchased a few items from it already. As we are the working moms, the online book shop is really benefited us. It allows us to browse through the book catalogue and read through the book reviews in details, so that we can make the better choice of books for the children and ourselves.

I'm proud to say that both my children enjoy reading, as I read to them since they were all very young. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to read more to your young children. Besides, if you do not know what to buy, please feel free to drop by ValuebookShop. You will sure find something useful there.
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My Going Green Ideas

I was notified by Ai Lian through her VALUEBOOKSHOP newsletter about the contest of winning a book GROWING UP GREEN: Baby and Child Care by Deirdre Imus. One of the criteria is to write about this topic in my blog.

After doing some studies, I wanted to post something up here on my site about trying to be a little greener. Many of you have kids and you worry about what they eat, what they learn at school, that they’re not singing London Bridge with a plastic bag on their head. But… the truth is, we should all be worried about whether or not the kids will be able to survive in 30 or 40 years.
Needless to say, it is true that individually we don’t make much of a difference. Sure, if millions of us all do our part… we will make a dent. But we need government intervention to really solve our climate crisis. Because I know that change is hard, I’ll start with some really easy things you can do to help your planet. However - - I do want to say this…, I’m not expert. This is just to help give a kick in the pants. If you can, do some more research on the Internet. Again — some friendly advice, in blog form, and it is just a sampling. I know that some people can feel overwhelmed by all the information. All these “Green Ideas” don’t mean you need to live off the land, grow your own veggies, sell your car and ride your bike. Just do what you can:

  1. Turn off the lights in a room when we leave — if we’re going to be gone for more than 30 seconds. Put timers on lights if we sometimes forget to turn them on at night.

  2. Bump up the A/C a few degree. And use ceiling fans whenever and wherever we can - they distribute air more efficiently.

  3. Don’t leave the water running while we brush the teeth.

  4. When we go grocery shopping, take along a canvas bag or permanent carrying bag instead of using their bags. Or, save the paper bags and take them back to the store with us to have them refilled.

  5. Speaking of shopping — try to buy local foods when possible. Food that has to travel a long distance is so not green. If we don’t have a lot of local stuff or we’re not sure, we try to buy from a local Farmers Market.

  6. Go with rechargeable batteries if we can. All those AA batteries have to go somewhere when we toss them out after they last 20 seconds in our kid’s remote control car…

  7. Keep the fridge and freezer closed as much as possible - do quick open-and-closes, keep little ones from opening them up with one of those child safety locks.

  8. Don’t use the dryer, if we can help it. Dryers use a lot of energy and if we can air-dry the clothes, we’ll save on the electric bill and help the planet.

  9. Close the curtains - heat and cool air loss from older windows can be substantial. Also, the sun beating in the windows will warm the house and cause the a/c to come on and work harder.

  10. Carpool. If we must use the car, share the ride.

  11. Cut back on meat consumption. If we cut back on meat, we can help to prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. This act alone can save a boatload of money in future medical costs.

  12. Wash clothes only when we have a full load. Two socks or a full load require the same amount of energy to wash. We'll save money on the water bill when we wash clothes less often.

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Bye Bye Dummies

On Wednesday night, as usual April told us her wish of her next Birthday present. She longs for having a Sleeping Beauty gown. She keeps saying wanted to keep the hair long like Princess Aurora.

Papa suddenly has come out with an idea. Papa said to her, "You won't look like Sleeping Beauty if you keep sucking your dummy.". April replied, "If I wear the Sleeping Beauty Gown, I won't suck dummy, only when I sleep, I need my dummy, Papa". Then, Papa said again, "No, you won't look pretty if you continuous taking your dummy, as it will make your lips and teeth ugly." . May, who was sitting beside them, first to pass her dummy to Papa, as she also wants to be as pretty as Aurora too. Subsequently followed by April. Hubb quickly kept their dummies away.
It was the first night, they went asleep without dummies.

Last night was the second night, April did mention to me that she missed her dummy very very much. I told her that hubb has thrown away. She plead to buy a new one. I said no, "You can only buy a new dummy or a princess gown, which one you want actually? ".
Tonight is the third night. I hope they can really sleep soundly without dummies soon. That will be another major milestone for both of my sweeties.
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Forever Friends Award

I received this awards sometime back in Feb 2008. Thanks Joanne for tagging me.
THIS SAYS IT ALL: Time passes. Life happens. Distance separates. Children grow up. Jobs come and go. Love waxes and wanes. Husbands don't do what they're supposed to do. Hearts break. Parents die. Colleagues forget favors. Careers end. BUT.........Sisters are there, no matter how much time and how many miles are between you. A girl friend is never farther away than needing her can reach. When you have to walk that lonesome valley and you have to walk it by yourself, the women in your life will be on the valley's rim, cheering you on, praying for you, pulling for you, intervening on your behalf, and waiting with open arms at the valley's end. Sometimes, they will even break the rules and walk beside you...Or come in and carry you out. Girlfriends, daughters, daughters-in-law, sisters, sisters-in-law, Mothers, Grandmothers, aunties, nieces, cousins, and extended family, all bless our life!

So now, I would like to pass this tag to,
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After eating in Tao

Monday, I went to Tao Cuisine for dinner with my colleagues. Some brought spouse and child too. This was the first outing with no clue, means it was not for birthday and it was not fare ware too. It was driven by our crave for Japanese buffet.
Just that I felt so guilty after dinner, I have eaten too much la. Sigh.......
I guess I have to starve myself for 5 continuous days, in order to burn out the intake of this day alone.
Yan, please do not forget the Bandung trip is just one month away. You have to slim down by then. Exercise, exercise, exercise, eat less, eat lesssss...........................
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Penang One Day Trip

13 April 2008 was our one day family trip to Penang. We all woke up at around 8am in the morning. After washed and changed, we started our journey to Penang at 9.30am. The journey was a smooth one. So we arrived at PISA, Penang at 10.35am. We headed straight to the entrance and saw Alex, Su In and her daughter (Adeline) waiting there. Quickly, I rushed my two young ladies to ladies. Then, we went to get our seats as per the tickets.
The Disney On Ice show was begun at 11am sharp.

April, May and Adeline were fascinated to see their favourites cartoon characters skiing around. April loved Peter Pan, May loved Mickey Mouse and Adeline loved Dalmations & Simba.
The show was ended at 12.45pm. Then we went to Dragon I in Queenbay Mall for lunch. We called Louissa to join us there. After lunch, we went to Su In's new condo at around 3pm. After May, April and Adel had taken the bath, I tried to put my two young ladies to nap, and Su In was also busy putting Adel to nap too, but she failed at end, hehe...tricked by Adeline, she pura pura tidur only.
Very sorry to Louissa that she has to wait for us to accomplish our mission, before we could sit down for a good chat. While chatting, Su In and Alex were also busy to bake a butter cake and cut fruit for April's mini birthday party.

April was very happy to hear everyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

A big thank you to Uncle Alex and Aunt Su In for the freshly hot from oven butter cake, unsweetened jelly, kiwi fruit and grapes, party hats, party sets and also the present. Thanks to Sa Sa Ee Ee for taking photos for us. After the mini party, we got ready and went to Teluk Kumbar for seafood dinner. Alex's parents and brother were joining us there too. The dinner was so great, there were more than 10 dishes. Too bad that we did not free to take any photo, as we were all drunk when seeing such delicious dishes. We went back Taiping at 9pm with the full loaded tummies.

Reaching home at 10.30pm, April was so excited to open up the present. It was Tom and Jerry, a story book and a Chinese Poems VCD. In order to avoid sibling battle, I decided to split them. Tom goes to April, Jerry goes to May. Everybody happy.

After April and May were sleeping, I tried to recall the events during this one day trip on my bed. It was so sweet of Su In, Alex, Adel and Sa Sa Ee Ee. Thanks to Aunt and Uncle for the gift too. It was really very very meaningful for our family. We treasure it so much and feel so touch with your hospitality.

April actually can't wait to visit Adeline in Penang again.
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Toast Sandwiches

When I was expecting April, I told hubb that I wished to make some sandwiches as the breakfast. Without much delay, hubby bought me this sandwich maker. We made some nutritional sandwiches a couple of times. Then, it was kept in my kitchen cabinet for the rest of the time.

Until recently, I suddenly thought of this sandwich maker again. I informed hubb that I wanted to bring it to office, since we do not much luxury time to utilize it at home after having two little monsters. So, from then onwards, I toasted some delicious sandwiches in the office. Sometimes, I shared them with my dearest colleagues as well. These toast sandwiches are so tasty, crispy, healthy and nutritious.

I really can't resist to have them for breakfast almost every morning before work. Oops.... hopefully they are not the cause of the increasing pounds at my bathroom scale wtf.

Here I would like to suggest a few combinations as the ingredient, they are:

1. Margarine with cold meat

2. Margarine with Tuna

3. Margarine with Mackerel

4. Peanut butter with banana

5. Peanut butter with fruit jam

6. Margarine with 'kaya'

If you like egg, you can also spread the egg on top of the sandwiches before toast. Trust me, it will be even more yummy.

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Happy 4 Years Old Birthday to April

Today is April's 4 year old birthday. She is our precious first child. She is always Papa's apple pie. Nowadays, I seem to complain hubb a lot for caring April more than May. May be I shouldn't blame him, as he has spent 2 years time more with April than with May. These photos were taken on last Sunday. We bought a 0.5kg Ice Cream cake for her in advance. As this coming Sunday, we'll go to Penang for Disney On Ice show. That is her birthday present.

Ever since, May is coming back home every night, I found that I have less one to one time with April. I hug her less, kiss her less and touch her less. She has also started to complaint, show dissatisfaction and give tantrum to me. Until now, I still can try my best to explain, coax, and calm her down.

Simply because, I do not want to discipline her with anger, I want to discipline with love. April, no matter what, mommy loves you.

April, my sweetheart, you are very smart girl, mommy hopes that you can understand me better. Be a good girl and good big sister. Please do not jealous of your baby sister. She is so innocent and adorable. May needs April, April also needs May.
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Bedtime ritual

May has been back to home every night since end of March. I have also successfully started up a bedtime ritual for them. At 10pm, when I have got them and myself washed and changed, I'll take both of my sweeties hand in hand to upstairs master bedroom.
They shall have chosen a story books in their hand. I've also ready 1 bottle of Anmum Essential and 1 bottle of Sustagen Kid Vanila in the basket. When I past them the bottles, they'll past me their story books. When I have finished the narrations of 2 story books, they have also finished their milk.
One final round of potty visit, there we go off light. May will sleep on my tummy. I guess she still can't get over her bouncer. April will ask for a hug, kiss and lullabies. There, and then we go into our silent night, and it is already 11pm.
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Legend Forever - For those who adores Leslie Cheung

Since 2003, 1 April is more than jast an April Fool day, but it is a day of death aniversery of him - my forever idol. I still can't forget Leslie Cheung for his long lasting baby looking face, angel smile, beautiful voice, good acting, and last but not least the excellent stage performance.

追 張國榮

編:George Leong

這一生 也在進取 這分鐘 卻掛念誰 
我會說 是唯獨你 不可失去 
好風光 似幻似虛 誰明人生樂趣 
我會說 為情為愛 仍然是對

*誰比你重要 成功了敗了也完全無重要 
誰比你重要 狂風與暴雨都因你燃燒

一追再追 只想追趕生命裡一分一秒 
原來多麼可笑 你是真正目標
一追再追 追蹤一些生活最基本需要
原來早不缺少 WO..HA.. 
有了你 即使平凡卻最重要
(@只得你 會叫我彷彿人群裡最重要)

好光陰 縱沒太多 一分鐘又如何
會與你 共同渡過 都不枉過
瘋戀多 錯誤更多 如能重新做過 
我會說 願能為你 提前做錯

Repeat *(@)

有了你 即使沈睡了 也在笑
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