Cameron Highlands 2 Days and 1 night Trip

The last time hubb and I visited Cameron was 7 years ago. That time we went as a newly wed couples. This was the second time, we brought along our two angels. Cameron is totally different from Genting. Cameron is a very natural, fresh, cold, rest and relax place. We visitted places Bee Farm, Self-Plucking Strawberry Farm, Butterfly Farm, Boh Tea Centre and Plantation, and Rose Valley.

This was the self-plucking strawberry farm. April and May enjoyed using scissors to cut the strawberries.

We were at the butterfly farm. Can you see the butterflies rest on the plant?

The view at the balcony of Hotel Heritage.

The Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas.

Our last spot before going home was the Rose Valley. Everyone was enjoyed and tired.

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Getting kid to help preparing meal

After returning from Cameron trip, we bought some fresh vegetable and cooked on Sunday morning.
I remembered the bag of tricks of AiLian, which I was impressed by the post in her blog. Then, I talked to myself, "It is time to get April involve in the meal preparation. ". While she was watching Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse from Astro, I handed over to her a basket of french beans. I taught her to peel off the "head" and "tail" of the french beans. She did it very well and with full concentration, until she forgot about the "mouse-ke-tool, mouse-ke-tool" on the TV.

I hope I can get her into the kitchen real soon.

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After long silence

I was damn busy at work recently, until I neglected my blog. This post is going to be very random.

1. Start my new diet plan yesterday. I bought the formula 1and formula 3 soy powder from Herbal Like. It is a replacement meal. I drink it for my breakfast. I would like to lost 3 more kg by next CNY. Hubb said that I can claim back the money that I spent on the replacement meal from him, if I successfully hit my target weight. So, I must really starve harder now.

2. April and May were both getting bigger and more independent, and I have more time for myself and hubb now. When both of them were in bed, hubb and I used to watch a nice DVD together. We just watched "Money is not enough 2" 2 days ago.

3. Tomorrow, I'm on leave. We go to Cemeron Highland for another only 4 members family trip. Since it is so hot recently, we shall be there to enjoy the cool air and have steamboat at the same time.
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We went to Genting one day after celebrating the National day. Hubb has booked for a 3days and 2nights stay at Genting for us and PIL. The children were quite excited. We left home about noon. We arrived at Genting at 4pm. We thought it was a school day on the following day, it would be a low season. To our surprise, it was very very crowded and packed everywhere in Genting. Hubb took almost 5 hours to get us checking in the First World Hotel. Sucks, it was really a killing 5 hours. Luckily PIL have checked into Theme Park Hotel. At least, I could get my children bath, change and rest, while hubb was queueing up at the First World main hall. My first evening plan was actually the last day Mega Sales shopping spree, it was spoilt due to no mood and tired. I really hate the queue and also the slow service of First World front desks. 5 hours waiting and doing nothing time has really challenged my patience. And yet, I have to try to suppress my anger, in order not to spoilt everyone mood, but I still couldn't help myself to show some grumpiness to my hubb. Of course, he didn't feel good too. It was not so ideal to go to Genting, even one day after the long weekend. As, the crowd was still there.

Anyway, we tried to control our emotion and hoped for a better tomorrow. We did. The next day was fun. We bought everyone a ticket to the indoor and outdoor theme park. My children enjoyed all the rides from noon till dawn. The grannies were trying to join in the fun.
We had some simple lunch at Hou Mei, and buffet dinner at Resort Hotel. After the dinner, the grannies returned to their room to rest. My children were continue to catch up some indoor rides, and I tried to sneak out for my alone shopping time.

We checked out on the next day, and headed straight back to our home sweet home. This was actually the first Genting trip for May, and third Genting trip for April. It was the fourth family trip for us in this year, after going to Penang in April, Bandung in May and Lumut in June. Next trip? If there is, I wish to go Cameron Highland.

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