My two precious daughters

Look at them, my two precious daughters. I enjoy taking photos of them every time we get ready to go out. April and May are getting closer and closer now. They play, eat and sleep together. It is a very fun thing to see them play, and listen to their communication. However, it is a tense moment too, when they start to cry, fight and yell at each other.
April is 4 year and 7 month, 18.5kg. May is 2 year and 5 month, 11.4kg. Their favourite TV shows are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther, Woody Wood Packer, Mr Bean, Barbie, Tiny Planet, Three Little Brown Bear, Dandy and Daddy, and all other Disney Cartoon Movies.
Every night when both of them sleep next to me soundly, I feel so grateful that I am granted with two lovely and healthy daughters.
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Yellow + Orange = ?

Last Friday evening was my MIL's Birthday celebration dinner. When I back from work, I quickly took a shower and started to dress up. While dressing up, I kept asking hubb how was it? Nice? Can? I was worried and scared that people couldn't accept my sense of fashion. I wore a yellow dress shirt and peach orange pants stocking. What a daring combination of colours right? It was my first time to have such colours combination too. Everything also have the first time right? When I completed my make up, I requested hubb to help me to take some shots to scare my blog readers and fellow friends WTF. Angeline and Mei have asked me the same question, "What shoes that u wore then?" Thanks for your thoughtfulness, I wore a black pumps. Angeline said "Simple and In". Mei said "Nice and In". Su In said "Super model mum". You ladies have made me smile wide until can reach ears.
Here it goes. What is your comment?

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Talk to me

I have nothing much to blog recently, except that I'm now only watching the very famous TVB series Moonlight Resonance. Due to this series, I kept waking up to burn midnight oil, and this has led to my acne break out at my jaw line T_________T. Last night, I have watched the episode 26. Another 14 episodes to go.
It is the rainy season now. I'm weird, I like raining. As I find the air is so fresh and clean everytime after raining. Especially raining at the night time, the air is so cooling, it is so nice to sleep even without using air-con. I simply prefer rainy days and I hate hot and hazy days. Sorry to those that need to suffer from the traffic jam due to the rain.
Besides, I have started on the CNY clothings shopping. Fast right? Let me count, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces already. If no major function in these 3 months, I'll keep them for CNY.
Here, I would like to share this very sentimental song "Talk to me" here, it is also the subtheme song of MR.
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Win a Free Hanbag

Since I have spent quite a lot on shoes, cosmestic, skin care, apparel and other accessories. I still lack of one presentable and fashionable hangbag. Thank God that I was invited to this http://www.handbagplanet.com/. You can win a free handbag from here. Please sign in now, quick, quick, quick. Don't miss out your chance to win it.

My choice of bag is this metalic blue hand bag. Suit me right? Please help me to win it. It is very easy only, just sign in and click on the hand bag that you like.

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Must have skin care and cosmestic

I went to the newly opened The Face Shop during my lunch hours. I bought 2 daily must-have items from there, and it costs me around RM110.

First must-have item - lip gloss.
I prefer something natural and glossy. End up I choose this

Fruits Jelly Tube PK102

Description: It smells and tastes like fruit - that can be worn alone or on top of lipstick. Ultra shiny ultra moisturizing with delicious fruit flavor such as Acerora Blueberry Grapefruit Pomegranate Apple Strawberry. It glides on smoothly with glossy shine Excellent in hydration and aids to retain moisture in lips.

Second must-have item - mask.
I want something which can provide hydration and relaxation. So, this is my choice

Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask

Description: This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts tightens pores and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience. Nourishes hydrates and relaxes skin through the night - Convenient. Does not need to be washed off.

I have already applied the lip gloss right after back to the office. I am very satisfied with the color and the feel. Tonight, I'll try out the sleeping mask.

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My first white pump

I finally got my first white pump today. What so special about this pump? It is nothing special. It is just a plain white pump. The specialities of the shoes are,
1. The heels are 1.5 inches, I hardly have shoes with heels actually, due to my 5.8 feet height, and thanks to my hubby 5.79 feet or less height.
2. It is a pump with sharp and narrow head, I used to have very comfy flat shoes.

Since it is a trend now to wear pants stocking, so I must equip my shoes cabinet with one pump shoes. Sorry dear, if I make you look like Tom Cruise and not Brad Pitt.

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