First Dinner Gathering in 2009

There was a new opening of BBQ steamboat buffet restaurant in town. My colleagues had planned to go there long ago. Due to certain reason, we only could get it done yesterday. Everyone felt good, happy and satisfied with the food. Thank god that our mood wasn't affected much by the economy downtime, and also our bonus was actually divided into 2 pay outs. Here are some photos that we took yesterday.

Khoo and wife (as he is cousin of Yvonne, we call him 阿表&表嫂)

Angeline (we also call her fut dai)

Lorita (but in facebook her name is Cherry)

Yew (we call him 二少爷, as he is the second son in his family)

Who else? Ah Yan la!

I went for a hair trim after the dinner. After that, I took my own sweet time to do some window shopping alone, as hubb already promised to look after my 2 girls at home.
I saw a nice 3/4 length jeans there, but too bad, because of the bonus that we are going to get before CNY is only 50%, I didn't buy it Instead, I took a pair of my old jeans to my tailor and had my jeans cut short to 3/4 length. I managed to save cost, yeah!

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  1. A good way for a new year! Like it or no, we'll fight to overcome the economy downtime. Re-cycling old jeans - great idea!!