My Top New Year Goal - Thin

It is always my top and forever goal to get thinner. However, no matter how hard I try, I'll never able to consider as thin people. Finally I found and saw these 10 secrets of effortlessly thin here. I must really keep these secrets in mind, in order to join the ranks of the thin in year 2009.

10 Secrets of the Effortlessly Thin
1. They don't skip meals
(The best way to do that is to eat frequent mini-meals every three to four hours )

2. They don't diet
(They eat more fruits and vegetables and more fiber, and drink more water - all healthy things that provide more food volume for the number of calories.)

3. They keep track of their weight

4. They exercise reqularly

5. They don't solve problems with food
(Eat only if the reason is hungry and not for emotional reasons)

6. They stop eating when they're full
(They often report that they don't like that feeling of being uncomfortably full, so they've learned how to stop before they reach it.)

7. They don't surround themselves with temptation
(Rather than stocking the cupboards with junk food, thin people's kitchens tend to be filled with healthly foods)

8. They allow themselves treats

9. They eat breakfast
(Breakfast is literally breaking the fast of the night, and starting the metabolism system)

10. They move, stand and fidget more


  1. Good tips... on the contrary, I belong to thin category and struggling to get into a lil fat.... tell me how to do it?

  2. Jaanvi,

    To gain weight, simply just eat more and more, and also sleep more and more.