I like dressing them

I enjoy dressing up my two girls, and my two girls enjoy being dressed up too. I guess that's why the God gifted me two girls. Although they are not twins, they are just a siblings with 2 years apart, I like dressing them like twins. I normally got them same design with different colors, or same color with different designs.

These were the very first same design T-shirts, April was in beige, May was in blue.

These were the pyjamas which have Aurora printed. April was in pink, and May was in yellow.

This was the most recent one. Both were having Minnie, pink and white straps T-Shirts, and buttons on each side of the pants. Very good example of same color and different designs.

Hello Kitty house cloth. April was in Pink, and May was in Red.

Chinese style T-shirts.

Polka dots princess dress. April was in blue and May was in brown.

Sleeveless dress. April was in apple green, and May was in Pink.
Actually, there were many more pictures, but I couldn't locate them one by one. So, that's all for now.


  1. 擦亮眼睛,

    Thanks for your comment. They are my most precious gift on earth.

  2. It's the pink & blue strawberry dolls from Cameron highlands! :-)