Last Valentine's 14/2

This is an entry of the last Valentine's day. No surprise, no romantic, no flower and no gift as usual. We went out as a happy family for a lunch. Why lunch? Hubb wanted to avoid the crowd. So, it was not a dinner. I was a bit of disappointed and trying very hard to accept the excuse.

On the way to The Gate. Though I knew, the atmosphere during lunch would not be as good as dinner, I still put on light make up to make myself look better.

As a mom of two girls, definitely I have less excitement on Velentine's Day. However, I did have a small expectation for this day, because I am quite a sensible person.

Upon arriving the place, we ordered the lunch right away. We ordered sizzling hot plate noodles, spaghetti, tom yam soup, black pepper chicken chop and ice-cream as the dessert.

While waiting for the food, we took pictures randomly. Little May is so serious in this picture.

Dessert time. Strawberry single scoop for April and also May.

Although this Valentine's day wasn't any special, I still hope that we can have some kind of celebration for every Valentine's day to come.


  1. It's great that even after 2 kids you take time for yourself. Your light make-up looks nice! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.


  2. Orchid,

    Thank for the comment, your words make my day.