Special Occasion 25 Feb

Upon waking up, I have received several SMS greeting from a few buddies and sister. Thank you.

Reached office, wishes came in words, e-cards, SMS and facebook wall. Thank you.

Buffet lunch at SSL Trader hotel with Mei, Angeline, and Lorita. Thank you.

Guess wallet from hubb (chosen by me and paid by him). Thank you.

At night, Happy Birthday Mummy Longan cake from hubb and 2 cheeky girls. Thank you.

We took random photos with the cake.


Kisses from 2 angels.

Make a wish! Wish for health and happiness for my family.

Blowing candles,

At home, house wife look, zero makeup.

At office, executive look, basic makeup.

Since, I have the thought to be a full time mom, so I took these photos just to make comparison.

The following photos were actually taken last week. My department colleagues bought the cakes for 3 of us (Khoo, Yew and myself) whom were celebrating the Birthday in February.
Another cake.

Here we were listening to the Birthday Song.

Cut cake ceremony

Last night, I received a phone call from my long silence best friend in Singapore - Bee Lee, a mother of 4 children. Thanks for calling and you make my big day even more special. I was so glad to chit chat with you. Bee Lee, I hope you read this, miss you!

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