They've got well

As stated in my previous entry, April and May were down with very bad food poisoning just 6 days before the CNY. They were hospitalised due to dehydration and bacteria infection.

20 Jan - 22 Jan (3 days) : Sick, puking and diarrhoea for the entire 3 days.

23 Jan - 27 Jan (5 days) : Weak, no more puking, still diarrhoea and no appetite. April lost 1 kg and May lost 0.5 kg. Although the weight lost was not a lot, but they looked significantly thinner than before.

28 Jan -3 Feb (1 week) : Up and active again, appetite is picking up well. April gained 0.5kg and May also gained 0.5kg.

4 Feb - 10 Feb (1 week): April gained back the 1 kg and May gained additional 0.5kg. This result was due to the pressure that I have given to my babysitter. That mean she has prepared better nutritious food for my children.

In a nut shell, my children have sicked for 1 week, recovered fully in 2 weeks, and showed improvement in 3 weeks. What else am I looking for? This is simply the best gift for my family Valentine's.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and love ones.

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