When husband not at home

Husband was away for a fire fighting course at Johor last whole week. So, how my children felt and I felt when he was not at home for several days. Frankly I wasn't missing him that much, as I was so tied up. My children were asking me where was the father. When I told them that the father was at work, they seemed fine. Due to their father is a shift worker, the children have used to not seeing the father for certain nights.

Nevetheless, there were some things that I wasn't that used to be:

1. Came back home from work, I needed to sweep the porch.
2. I needed to arrange my bed and my children beds.
3. I needed to boil the water and keep in the thermos.
4. I needed to empty the dustbin.
5. I needed to wash dishes after meals.
6. I needed to put the laundry to wash.
7. Some domestic work that I normally didn't do when he was around.

So, you may ask, what am I normally do at home? My duties were just,

1. bath, change, play, feed, read and talk to my children. In brief, just taking care of my children.
2. fold and iron the cloth.
3. That's all, I really cannot think of anything else already.

On the other hands, my hubb duties were,

1. sweeping and moping the floors, cleaning the toilets, watering the plants, and etc. In brief, he cleans the whole house. His job is super good. I think 2 Indonesian maids group up also cannot beat his super duper hard work.
2. Boiling water, washing dishes, arranging the beds, putting the laundry into washing machine, washing the floor mats.
3. Almost everything single thing that you could name in the domestic task.

After putting my children to bed, I was so exhausted and dozed off immediately.
So, now you know why I was no time to miss him, as I was too busy doing the jobs that I normally wouldn't do.
Dear, you still dare to send me these photos that you took during your training. Do you know how much I suffered when you was not around? Although you are not romantic at all, you are such a caring, responsible and hardworking father/husband. Thanks for your love and support. Last but not the least, thanks for being my husband.

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