Bulgari Green With Envy

Thanks to Mei for the tag. So, I am going to reveal the Bulgari 3 Things That Make Me Green With Envy, with the conjunction with the new release of the Bulgari Green with Envy contest.

1. Envy those stay at home moms (SAHM) and still have plenty $$$ to spend.
Since my first born on 10 April 2004, I already thought of being a SAHM. Due to certain constraints, and I am still working now. Moreover, now every where is facing the recession, it is even harder for me to stop working and stay at home to take care of my own children. Thus, I really envy my neighbours who can be SAHM, and can still drive exclusive cars and go for family trips twice a year.

2. Envy those women who have many kids and still in shape.
That is because of I already have 2 kids, and so scare to have another one and not back in shape anymore. I put on approximately 20 kg for both my pregnancies, and I took more than a year to slim down and still not back to my weight before I have kids. It seems impossible for me to back to my ideal weight now. Although I love babies, and always think of having another one, but still in dilemma, after concerning about the weight gain issue. Thus, I envy those women who have many kids and still can maintain their figures.

3. Envy people who can have 8 hours sleep a day.
Why so hard for sleeping for 8 hours? It is hard especially for a working mom like me. I have to wake up early to send children to their caregiver. Right back home from work, I have to fetch them back from caregiver and busy with all the routine jobs until the children went to bed. Then, I have to stay up a bit more late to catch up with the spouse, otherwise the spouse will feel that he is neglected. If I can sleep through the night for at least 6 hours, I'll feel thankful already. But usually cannot, as I have to wake up mid of the night to check on the children, whether they're cold or they're warm. Thus, I envy people who has 8 hours sleep everyday.

And now I continue to pass the tag to,


  1. wow..what u written seems like speaking out from what i have in my heart...

    Hi FIVE...comrade!

    Cheers! And may we enjoy what we having now while striving to our dreams of being a SAHM/WAHM ;) and having 6 hrs of sleep per nite..haha

  2. Molly,

    Hahaha.....parenthood is full with sweet & sour. Glad that you agree with most of them.

  3. You mean you don't lose weight running around trying to catch your kids? Hahahah. Just kidding. Thanks for the tag. BTW, I don't have to worry about putting on weight coz' my kids are always stealing my food. Hahahah.

  4. Lian,

    So, you are a woman that I envy. I really respect and salute you. Thanks for the comment.