Ice Cream Treat

I don't always let my children take ice cream, as my children are very pruned to cough and flu. However, all children love ice cream, candies and chocolates. So I only allow them to taste it when they are fine. April is the allergy type, she always takes longer time to get well. Every time she was sick, before she could fully recover, May fell sick and passed the germ to her again. That's why she seldom free from cough and flu.

Last weekend, I found them were fine and the weather was quite warm outside. I decided to treat them ice cream.
May was enjoying her vanilla flavour ice cream.

Even her saliva also almost dripped down.

April was having her chocolate flavour ice cream.

They were watching Tom & Jerry Show from Cartoon Network.


  1. haha i enjoy seeing kids eating ice cream.. cos their mouths will become very comot.. haha :p

  2. Sweet kids with sweet tooth!

  3. Hayley and Yvonne,
    Too bad, after the ice cream treat, both of them were downed with flu again. Not sure it is because of too much ice cream.