I've a date

Today, I'm happy. Why am I happy? As I have a date with him. Who is he? My husband la! Why so special about having a date with your own husband? Special la! Very seldom got this chance one. He needs to work in shift schedule, and I need to work from 9 to 5. You dream la! I work from 8.15 to 5.30 and every alternate Saturday. We have 2 very cheeky, noisy and playful kids around all the time we are at home. So, it is very very special to have date with husband. This is happened not once in a week, not once in a month, and also not once in a while. It happens only once in a blue moon. So that's why I am exciting about it, but I'm not sure how he feels.

What are we planning to do today? We are going to watch movie. What movie is that? We want to watch this Happy me like a small girl get to go watch movie today. As this is the 3rd movie that I watched at cinema after we have kids.

After the movie, I have a facial appointment. In the evening, I'll go for my Yoga session.

Then comes the weekend, family time again. I'll bring my 2 girls for ear piercing this Sunday. I hope they won't cry. I must remember to bring camera along and snap some of their photos to blog later.

Have a nice and happy weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoy your movie!
    I'm waiting for the pirated-DVD, keke.

  2. Angeline and Yvonne, at the end I didn't watch that movie, we watched The Tale of Despereaux at night together with the children. So, again that was not a couples time.