2nd Handcraft Session

Our first handcraft session was in last November. The second session was only happened after 5 months. Of course, we can always blame it to our tight schedules ever since April started her kindergarten. We have to help her revise her study during our off days, no time, no mood, bla, bla, bla and so on.

Finally, last weekend, right after April's birthday celebration at school, we have some left over items, such as paper plates and serviettes. On the other hand, Aunt Su In gave a pack of magic colours and 2 glittery glues for April as her birthday present. I thought of letting my children making used of all these things.

Again, I also let them use those lucky stars from my old dating time as the additional decoration stuff. I only spent little money on items like 1 pink and 1 purple manila cards, and some colourful paper crafts.

We were going to create some Teacher's Day cards. 3 of us made a total of 4 cards. April was the one creating 2 cards for her teachers. She used a cotton bud to apply the glittery glue and stick the paper crafts with different colours and shapes on it later.
Ta da! The end result of our handcraft. 4 cards, another 2 were ?????? What should I name them?

This was the bottom of a paper plate, and we pasted it on top of a colourful table napkin. Then, April and May used the magic colours to draw some patterns on the paper place, before they started to stick a lot of lucky stars on it with the glittery glue again. I really couldn't think of what best purpose and theme for this piece of art work. However, April was smart enough to give a good suggestion. Half way through the session, she suddenly said, "Mommy, look at my cake, nice or not?". Then, quickly I responded, "Yes, we see whose birthday cake is the nicest one later, ok?". Phew.........huh! What a good idea that we were making a paper birthday cake. At the end, this was May's design. She even hold it and sang to herself "......Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to May......". LOL.

This was April's one.

I also did one as a demo for them. Too shy to share here. I already threw into a dustbin without their notice.
So, what we learned from this session. It is a good way to foster stronger bonding in the family. The children is always looking forwards to the next handcraft session. This will enable us to get closer with each other. The children were able to practise their drawing skills, and they were also encouraged to be creative in their thinking. They were free to draw, develop, explore and design their own art work themselves. In general, this will aso bring some balance to the children's live, and not solely study and homework.
When you see your children showing the enthusiasm and putting all the concentration on one thing, you'll be delighted too. What a great weekend for us.

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