April's first colouring contest

April's art teacher registered her for a colouring contest which organised by Hong Leong Bank. We were so excited for this event. When the day came, we got ready to go out.
At the door, my fair ladies were so lovely.
We were at Hong Leong Bank already. They served us some light snacks. Too bad that the food had so many flies on top, and I was so scared that we might get diarrhoea afterwards. Thank god we all safe.
Every children had free balloons.
Colouring contest started. April was steadily choosing the crayons.
May was giving some moral support to the big sister.
She coloured with full of her passion in art.
I actually quite satisfied with April's colouring skills, very tidy and presentable.
She was almost finishing. Although she wasn't winning any prize, she was the second fastest to complete her colouring. I'm proud of her.
Nonetheless, I wasn't very happy with the organizer - Hong Leong Bank Family Day committee team. There were so many miscommunication and hiccups happened that day.
1. They informed us to come at 11.30am, as there was a LOOK ALIKE parents and children contest. When we were there at 11.30am, this event was already over. Then, we have to wait for another 1.5 hours before the colouring contest start. Then, the bank staffs were grabbing this opportunity to approach you for selling their credit card, investment plan, saving plan and etc.
2. The food served was full with flies on top. So in-hygiene. There were so many children there, I was really afraid of the food poisoning might happen to the children and who should we blame or sue.
3. The colouring contest was held outside the building, although there were shade, there weren't enough fans for cooling purpose. The weather was damn hot and all the children were sweating while doing the colouring contest. So pitiful.
4. The biggest mistake was they the one informed me that no need to bring any colouring tool or stationary. I confirmed with one of their lady staffs upon registration, again she said to me that colours and brushes would be provided. When the contest almost started, then only I found out that colours and brushed were only provided to the group age 7 and above. Damn it. Luckily there were book store nearby the place. Hubb and I rushed to the book store and grabbed a box of crayons quickly. We have to spend extra money to buy a new set of crayons for April. We weren't that happy and I started to compliant to one of their lady official. I told her frankly that this miscommunication was not too nice to happen to my child who is only 5, and we would be more well prepared if they could tell us right earlier.
As a conclusion, this was April's first colouring contest, we all gained some experience from here. In future, we'll bring all the colouring necessities like 8B pencil, colour pencils, crayons, cloth and so on, although the organizer tells us otherwise. Just in case like what mentioned as above happened again.

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