Continue Happy Birthday to April

.... continue from my previous entry. I let April and May unwrap their presents from Aunt Su In yesterday. Normally, We didn't buy present on their birthday one. All the presents were from Aunt Su In. Thank you very much, Su In, if you read this, you are my children's Santa Clause.

The card was created by Adeline, Su In's daughter. April likes the card very much.

I was running out of the colouring. Then I quickly went to a Malay grocery shop nearby, but they only had rose syrup. So, the pink eggs have become red eggs.

These little paper bags were also bought from a Malay shop, which sells all the wedding necessaries.

The Sleeping Beauty birthday cake. I am quite satisfied with the baker's drawing. Nice!

April and her 4 other girl friends. The teacher arranged the egg paper bag so neatly on top of the table.

The 5 years old classmates. April turned out to be so timid here. The rest were so cheeky.

Everyone was waiting for April to make a wish and blow the candles.

Off the candles, and April was still looked so shy.

I was not sure what was the joke, April finally burst into laughter with everyone else.

All the above photos were taken by the nursery principal. I hope April and her friends were really having a good time today.

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