Hair styles

I have been with my short hair style for quite some time. I feel bored with my short hair already. I feel like want to keep my hair long this time.

Then, hubb would definitely ask me, how long do you want to keep your hair? As he is the one sweeping the floor. He is afraid of seeing a lot of dropping hair when he does the floor cleaning.

He always showed disagreement and discouragement whenever I told him I want to keep my hair longer. Then, I think he is very weird, mostly men love women have long hair. As women with long hair are looking more feminine, gorgeous and sexy. Though some short hair styles can be quite stylish and classic too.

I always imagine how nice if I can have a long, wavy and voluminous hair like Su Qi 舒淇.

So damn sexy and gorgeous right? I love her hair sytle very much. When she was still Leon Lai's girl friend, I was so jealous of her.

If I can't be liked Su Qi, I wish to be liked Charlie Yang 杨彩妮. She used to have very straight and silky long hair. Don't ask me why I choose her and so many actresses have long straight and silky hair out there? I also don't know the reason. May be she was the only few actresses who had a very nice, smooth and shining long hair during my secondary school time.

May be I am following too much of the online reality TV show Malaysian Dream Girl 2 recently, I'm kind a like the judge of the show and also the former Miss Malaysia Universe, Elaine Daly's shoulder lenght hair style. I find it simple, nice, and easy to manage for a working mom like me. If I ask my hubb which hair style is better, he sure says her short hair is better. He must be watching too much of The Gem of Life. So, he is hoping that I will be looking as classy as Ada Choi 蔡少芬.

Anyway, I would like to give myself a chance. See how long I can keep my hair this round. I also want to keep my little May's hair too. Then, all the 3 ladies at home will together contribute to the dropping hair on the floor. Don't worry hubb, I'll try to help you to sweep the floor more often. Ok? Deal?

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