Their favourite cartoons

Just like any other children, April and May loves to watch The Tom & Jerry shows. They giggle and chat among themselves about the tales of Tom and Jerry on their bed before they dozed off to sleep every single night. So, Tom and Jerry are definitely one of the top 5 cartoons that they like best.

When I took this picture of them placing Tom and Jerry on top of their vehicles' steering, they tried to play hide and seek with my camera.

Don't just focus on Tom and Jerry, please look at the stickers at May's scooter alike vehicle. Yes, Disney Princesses. They are Disney Princesses' big fans too, even May can name all the princesses' names precisely.

You may put the National Flag on your vehicle only in every month of August, but my children put the National Flag high up 365 days. They are real patriots.

Next, eversince they watched their first movie in cinema, the Madagascar 2, they soon become mad about the cartoons in that movie. Then, I let them catch up the part 1 in DVD. April is urging me to let her watch the movies again and again every now and then.

One evening before CNY, when I went to Pasar Malam to buy fresh vegetables, I found and bought these Madagascar 2 pyjamas for them as their new year pyjamas.
April and May simply love these pyjamas, as it has all the Madagascar characters printed on it.

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