Baby Cassandra

Last two weeks, I happened to stalk this blog . I was first attracted by the angelic faces of her 3 daughters on the banner. Next, I talked to myself that this blogger is having 3 very cute and pretty girls. Then, her posts on her last baby girl's surgery quickly draw all my attention away.

Her mother addressed her as Baby C in her blog. She is a very adorable baby girl that she can easily win the heart of whoever look at her. She went through a surgery to fix her kidney reflux problem in Penang hospital in early May. After the surgery, she was discharged for one day only, then she was admitted again due to vomiting and pooping non stop.

She went through many X-rays on her guts. She also went through CT scan. Her hands have many holes due to the inserted and re-inserted IV line. She has fever on and off. She has puked for several days already. So, she was not drinking or eating, and she was rather weak.

My mind is totally conquered by Baby C after reading her mother's update on her condition day by day. I get quite nervous, if I can't see her update in the blog in the morning. I will start wonder what has happened to Baby C.

Finally, today I read that Baby C has stopped vomiting for a night, and her mother has started to breastfeed her in the morning. The doctor and the mother are still monitoring her condition very closely now.

All the readers were praying for Baby C and showing full mental support to this blogger. Everyone was showing deep care and concern for her case. Same for me here.

The blogger call herself as Health Freak Mommy. She has another blog -Health is Wealth.

I don't know what I can do for this very cute little girl - Baby Cassandra. I just wish her speedy recovery. To the mother Shireen, please take very good care of Baby Cassandra when she has recovered. Please, no sea food and no egg, only plain soup, plain porridge or white bread for Baby C now. Besides, don't bring her out so soon, as her body is still recovering, and is quite pruned to other infection.

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