Dilemma again

Actually, this is the part 2 of my earlier entry http://sheohyan.blogspot.com/2008/02/have-and-not-to-have-3rd-kid.html.

Why I am in the same dilemma again, since I have made the decision in Feb 2008?

1. Kinda relax and free now, as my youngest is already 3 years old. Hubb and I have more time to enjoy our life now. So I start to dig out some problem for him and myself.
2. Feel a bit incomplete in life, since I haven't had a son for Chow's family yet.
3. Scare that I'll regret in future when my age is too old to get pregnant.
4. Keep looking at people's babies and drooling to have mine.

However, I'm still bother with some stupid but real concerns.

1. Scare to get fat and scare to repeat the slimming processes. It is not easy for me to lose weight. Already 3 years, I still have 2 kg to lose to achieve my perfect weight.
2. Scare to lose my comfortable lifestyle now. We can travel and do a lot of things with my toddlers in the weekends.
3. Scare to repeat the diaper, night feeding, teething, potty train, and other cycles again.
4. The childcare arrangement issues may lead to my decision to stop working. This is a very hard decision, as I need to let go my financial freedom to give my last and fullest care to my last baby.
5. I have been complained a lot on my husband's hectic shift work schedule. I worry that 3rd kid may create additional tension at home.
6. April shows a lot of disagreement on getting her another sibling. We may need to change her mind, in order for her to accept another new sibling. Otherwise, I can foresee a big sibling rivalry in future.
7. Time, space, resource and money concerns. I really envy certain people who can get pregnant without thinking so much, and why I have so many concerns that hold me back. T____T.

Look at these babies, they are the ones have contributed to my dilemma.

Baby Jefferson (Su In's baby).

Baby Hye Chi (Yvonne's baby)

Baby Chloe (Liang Yuan's baby).


  1. Yan, since you have more worries, try not to think of the matter now and relax.
    Come back to the issue, once your head is cleared or when you wanna exercise your brain cells.

  2. Really hard to make this decision yourself. But God will make the decision for you!