Dumpling Festival

Yesterday was the dumpling festival. So, my breakfast this morning was this big dumpling that was made by my MIL.

It had green beans, salty egg york, pork, and the glutinous rice.

Quickly, I unwrapped the lotus leaf before it turned cold, as I actually heated it up before I left for office.

It was big, real big one.

I cut in the middle to put in some sugar. I love to eat white dumpling with sugar.

I scattered some white sugar on top.

Does it look yummy to you? You trust me, it is really yummy. I have to force myself to temporary forget about my diet plan, forget about the calorie count, forget about the high fat and so on. Just concentrate in enjoying my favourite dumpling today. Later, I will work out in my yoga harder. I must get ready to go yoga now, bye.

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