Flying colours

Yesterday, after work I left office and went straight to pick my 2 princesses from the baby sitter's place. When April got into the car, she told me, "Mommy, I have something to show you when we reach home.". She wanted to show me something that her father has brought home earlier when he picked her up from school in the afternoon.

She showed me her 4 test papers and 1 green report card. I reviewed her test papers one by one and also read aloud her teacher's comment on her school performance to her. She was so delighted to hear the comment. Her teacher's comment are, "Quiet, concentrate, fast learner, a good model to other classmates. Just a bit careless in some of the Mathematics exercises. Overall performance is very good. "
This was her first exam. 5 year-old class mid year exam was required to sit for only 4 papers; BM, Chinese, English and Math. She proudly showed me her papers, as she scored 100% for all of them. Of course, I was delighted and proud of her, as this was a good start in her academy performance.
At least, our effort in coaching her study in every evening was not wasted. She did a good job.

She even has "A" in the Discipline column, which I'm not quite agreeing with, she is a real monster at home.

Oops...when I was excitedly taking photos of April, I noticed that May was staring quietly at us. Her Jie Jie was showing off her report card and test papers, what is she going to show off then?

She was then taking out her colouring book to show me. Wow! My little May was painting all the pictures with colourful shades.

Another one was the rainbow colour jug.

...and also rainbow colour oven. *pengsan*
Nevertheless, May is getting very adorable. I am proud my two darling princesses.

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