Growing roses

May is turning 3 this 27th. She has gone through her potty trained phase, and she is now toilet trained. She is good at laying her own seat pan on top of the toilet bowl and using a small stool as her step case. After doing her business, she is also able to flush away her own waste. So, I can conclude that she is fully toilet trained at 3 years young.

April is already 5 year and 1 month young. She is getting more and more independent now. I can count on her to do a lot of things, like arranging her books in school bag by referring to the school time table, completing her homework at babysitter house, switching channel to channel by using TV remote control and tidying up her bed in the morning.
I'm not forgetting to introduce this yummilicious (self created word, I joined the words yummy and delicious here) bread here, it is the Gardenia Delicia Butterscotch. It has become April's first choice of snack now. She will take 2.5 pieces in her morning break at school. Thanks Angeline for recommending it to me, and now I get it from the Seven Eleven store.

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