Happy 3 year-old Birthday to my little May

Yesterday was my little May Chinese Lunar Birthday. Together with in law family, we celebrated her birthday at KFC.

The group photo.

My two princesses wannabe and the mother Queen wannabe.

The happy family photo.

The night before yesterday, while hubb was teaching April on her homework. May and myself were watching the Astro Golden Melody Singing Contest Grand Finale on channel AEC. May was really my good companion, as she was enjoying the show and paying full concentration on it.

These were the evidences. Although she was only 3 years old, she enjoyed watching the Aunty and Uncle singing. Lol!


  1. Happy Birthday May..erm..that means her lunar is 2nd of the 5th month? My DH lunar falls on the first..I just realised last nite..:P opps..forgot to cook vermicelli and egg for him ..

  2. AlohaMolly,

    May's Chinese Lunar is 1st May.


  3. Looks like she was really enjoying the show... sitting on a book?