May 2009

Every year, we have 7 special days to celebrate in May.

1. Labour Day (on 1 May),

2. Wesak day (9 May, in Chinese Lunar Calendar is 15 April),

3. Mother's Day (on 10 May which is the 2nd Sunday in May),

4. Teacher's Day (on 18th May),

5. Our 12th in-a-relationship anniversary (Hubb and I were started in a relationship officially on 11 May 1997),

6. Our 7th official wedding anniversary (the date was 26 May 2002, it was also a Wesak Day for year 2002),

7. My little May 3 years old Birthday (on 27 May).

Dear 老公,you owe me a fine time, fine gift, fine kiss, fine hug, and perhaps a fine dining.

Some other things that happened in the first week of May. My little May was suffering from a sore eye 2 days ago. Her right eyelid was swollen and red until it covered half of her big round eye. She was really "manja" on the first day she had that. She kept asking for hugs from me. So pitiful. I tried my very best to make her feel more comfortable. Here were what I did,

1. I bought and kept the Optrex Eye Lotion in the refrigerator. When it was cold enough, I wet a cotton pad with the Optrex Eye Lotion, then I put it on her eye and left the the cotton pad there for a while. The cooling sensation will reduce the swelling effectively.

2. I fed her some pearl powder which I bought from Chinese medical hall. As hubb has brought her to visit doctor earlier, thus May was also taking 2 types of oral medicines. One was for reducing the swelling and another was antibiotic. Besides, the doctor also prescribed a bottle of eye drops for her. One thing to remember, the Chinese medicine and the Western medicine has to be fed in 2 hours apart.

3. I also bought some dry chrysanthemum ('kek hua' in hokkein) as well. I boiled it, and added it with warm honey. Luckily, she loves to drink the chrysanthemum with honey. My mother in law told me that chrysanthemum is good at cl easing the toxic and clearing heat from the body. I don't know how true it is, but it is definitely good to let her drink more fluid.

On the next day, her sore eye was significantly much better with all my above efforts. *shy*. The right eye was not as swollen as the first day, but it was still appeared to be more pink and slightly smaller than the left eye.

Yeah! I got my Mother's Day card for this year already.
April did it in her kindergarten. At least, I got it in more proper timing this time.

Here I wish all mommies to have a Happy Mother's Day, and to everyone to have Happy Wesak.

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