May in 36th month

May was born in 27 May 2006. She is full 3 year old today. Too bad that this morning, she accidentally wet the bed during sleep. Omg! I was too tired last night after the yoga, and I forget to wake her up for peeing.
May in her 16 days. I kept comparing her with the Jie Jie, her jie jie is so fair, and she is so tan.

May in 6th month. She still very tan, luckily she has a big round eyes with double eyelids, and she also has dimples.

May in her 16th month, she got a bit fairer already.

May in her 26th month. She always one frame smaller than her Jie Jie. But, they have one similarity, both of them are having curly hair.

May in her 36th month. She wore hat, bangles and used the toy hair dryer to play make-up.
She can recognise and tell all the colours correctly. She can tell all the shapes, except that she still confuses between square and rectangle. She can sing the full ABC song correctly too. Besides, she can recognise and tell all the Disney Princesses names as well.

I wish my little May good health, good fortune and stay happy always.


  1. Happy Birthday to her May! May she grow up being a smart, healthy and wise lady.. :)

    Auntie Molly :)

  2. Happy birthday, little May!

  3. Molly and Yvonne,

    Thanks for your wishes.

  4. Happy birthday May May. :)