2009 First Half Yearly Review

Time flies, today was the last day of the first half year 2009. It is so proud and please to say that my children achieved 2 significant milestones in this first half year of 2009.

1, they have slept independently in their own bedroom. This morning was the 3rd morning that they woke up happily from their beds. We will check on them twice every night. Once, before we sleep, and the second time, when I wake up for the toilet. We will make sure on their room temperature and bring May up to pee. April is able to do that on her own now with a torch light that we put on the side pocket of her bed. The yellow side pockets that hubb hang beside the rail of the beds are to keep the torch lights, story books and water bottles. Bravo to both my girls, and not forgetting to thank the father for setting up all the necessities.

2, so far, we only enrolled one extra Art class for April, other than her normal kindergarten class, whereas May was not attending any class before. Last Friday, I enrolled April in UCMAS Mental Arithmetic class, and May in the I-Mathematics class. I did worry of whether April would be able to cope with the additional class in the evening and whether May would cry for being apart 2 hours from us. To my surprise, May only wept for a while then she was just fine for the whole session. Her teacher even praised her for being very good and clever girl in the class. On the other hand, April was also showed high interest in the course after dismissing from the class. Both of them were like a chatter box, talking non stop about their first lesson for the entire night.

April was excited over all the new items that was given on her first day in UCMAS.
Both of them were given a new T-shirts as their uniforms. Wearing these T-Shirts to the classes will enable them to get 5 stars. The collected stars will later be used to exchange for little gifts from the teachers.

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