Art Time

School break is nice to have some extra activities for the children. Other than getting bored by the homework, and getting addicted to the TV cartoons, they will find the art time very fun. I bought them an art pack from a store in Giant. The art pack consisted of 2 plastic plates which came in as a key chain, some colors and brush.

April coloured the plate enthusiastically.

May was very excited too when using her new art tools.

I'm sure you can tell which one is the 3 year-old creation and the 5 year-old creation. I would say that May is still lacked of the colour matching skills, whereas April is quite good in that sense already.
After the colours on the plates have dried up, I hung them on the wall as the home decoration. They will feel proud and glamour when the visitors look at them. May accidentally dropped the lady bird on the floor and caused one of the antenna broke.

April and her final art creation.
May was attracted by the colour containers more.

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  1. Hmm.. April really colours well.. can train her to be future artist already :p