Children Room Part 1

During the last June school holidays, April put up a stay at her ex-baby sitter's place. May has a chance to sleep on her jie jie single bed on her own for the first time. She suddenly told me that she wants a single bed like her jie jie too. When I conveyed what she said to hubb, hubb made a big decision suddenly. He wants to buy May a new single bed, and he wants to move them to sleep in the up stair second room on their own. Initially, I thought he was just having a rough idea only. However, I saw him relocating all the stuff in the second room to the third room on one day after I returned from work. The same night, he asked April and May, what color they want their room to be in? April said pink, and May said blue. After he has cleaned up the second room, he has someone to re-paint the wall. The original color of the wall was all blue, and now are 2 sides pink, another 2 sides blue.

Old wall A
New wall A
Old wall B
New wall B
Old wall C
New wall C
Old wall D
New wall D
We are now keeping on telling them that the room is almost ready, and they are going to shift and sleep there soon. They are both quite exciting at the moment, as they are expecting to live in their new and own space. I have yet to know how this transition will be. Keep my fingers cross. Everything is going to happen in this coming weekend. However, I'm sure that I will also miss all the "huh hah" which they have created so far in my master bedroom. I miss them when they can eventually sleep independently. In fact, I shall be happy, as we finally can get back our own space like the time we were just newly wed. How confuse I am. T_____T.

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