Drink more water

This is my 1500ml water tumbler that I bring to office every day. I usually finished the water that I brought from home in the morning by 11.30am. Then, I topped up it again with another 1500ml of cold water from the pantry. I would normally finish it again by 4.30pm. So, I have drunk about 3000ml of water before the evening. Drinking more water is actually crucial for those who want to stay slim. That's why I drink so much everyday.

'Drink more water' is also become my daily phone reminder to my children, and also to my baby sitter. I reminded her to remind my children to drink more water, other than having them to wash their hands with soap more frequently, these the minimal preventive actions from getting the H1N1 virus infection.
My children like to stick their stickers everywhere, even my water tumbler also won't get missed. One side is Belle from The Beaty And The Beast.
The other side is Ariel and Prince Eric from Little Mermaid.

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