Fun time

We haven't had chance to go anywhere during this school holiday. My children are only allowed to have fun at home due to the bad weather. It is so hazy and hot everyday. Besides, it is not advisable to travel too, as there is a risk to get the H1N1 infection. So, it is more healthy, safer and more economic to stay indoor. However, my children definitely won't feel bored at home.

Hubb utilised his credit card collected points to redeem these two mini laptops.
This one is meant for age 3 + children. So, this is May one.

This is for age 5 + April one.

April only enjoys playing the word scramble so far.

And, May is learning her ABC and 123 here.
Learning can be fun too. I let April do some exercises with this Kindergarten English book from Aunt Su In too. She likes to do the exercises here, as all the exercises are designed in a very lively and creative way.

My brother went somewhere else and got this mini ice-cream key chain for my children
They both hung it on their school bags. So lovely.
My girls like pink, so both of their school bags are pink.

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