Guilt at lunch

I have tried my very very best to maintain my weight at 60 to 61kg on the past week. I have cut down in my sugar, rice and meat intakes so far. It works quite well for me. Every morning, I put myself in great pressure, when I stand on my digital bathroom scale after taking a shower, and I wear nothing.*blush* I hold my breath before I look at the figure that is stagnant in the scale. I tell you, one single gram increased is killing me..... softly.

Today, I feel deeply in quilt again. We went to Old Town for lunch. I ordered the Simut Milk Tea and Mee Jawa. I finished both them "kering kotang", as I was very hungry that time. Too bad, I should have reminded myself of the famous quote by Oprah Winfrey: 'no starve, no lose'. T___T. Sigh... already too late.

Before I started eating, I have drunk half of the Simut Milk Tea. Now, I think of the sugar and milk in it, damn high in calories man!
The Mee Jawa has a lot of crushed peanuts and prawn crackers. Besides the noodles and the gravy are all fattening la! I feel so full after taking them.
Moreover, I have a very bad habit, I must take cup of either Milo or coffee with a few biscuits at 3.30pm for tea time one .
So, I must force myself to go light at my dinner. Otherwise, the bathroom scale will reveal the truth of my greediness tomorrow. It is killing me.........softly.


  1. Honestly Yan, I don't think you are fat..but of course...staying fit is vital for health and vitality! Gambatei!

  2. Dear Molly, I always like to stay slim, as I'm very tall, if I'm fat, I will look like a Gorilla.