Hot Summer

Recently, the weather is really very hot. If tomorrow is still not raining, it is already full 2 weeks that no raining at all. I don't know how long this hot weather will last. Everyday, I stare at the sky, just to hope that I can find a dark cloud, but still fail.

These long stretch and hot summer days have actually affected me a lot. It causes me to lose interest in SEX, outing, exercise and food. I just like to sit still on a couch under a fast fan or in an air-con room. I do not like to move my body at all. I take plenty of cold drink and a few times of cold showers a day, in order to cold down the body and the soul. The hot weather has also affected my mood and temper. My temper is getting HOT very fast. My mind is getting irritated easily too. So, my hubb and kids are the targeted victims, and I feel guilty most of the time.

I feel extremely uncomfortable as I sweat a lot. The moisturizer, lotion, toner or mask will never have chance to be absorbed by the skin. After I applied the skin care products, it would be blended with the sweat and got wiping away with the tissue at the end, and leaving the skin pores widely open. It is really bad for my skin. T____T.

I'm not a greedy person. I just wish to have RAIN. No need to be very heavy one, but average one is good enough. The best is to last for about 2 hours. Then, I won't be complained so much here.

I born and raised up in Raintown. No rain can actually weaken my spirit. I know this is out of my control. I have no power over the GOD. But, I miss RAIN. I really love having rainy day again.

This is the view taken from the place that I sit in the office. It is like burning hot. Tonight will be another unbearable night.

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