My Sleep Aids

I have to admit that I'm a fussy sleeper. So, I have my own sleep aids. Missing any one of the following components, I may fail in having a 100% conducive sleep.

Components of my sleep kits include:
2 big pillows - stack up to provide the best support for my head, neck and shoulder.
1 bolster - allow me to sleep side way and rest my knees on it.
1 pair of ear plugs - block out sounds that wake me up like the snores of your significant others or the barks of dogs.
1 small pillow - act as a sleep mask for me to shade all the light, though the extra thick curtain has done a very good job, I still need it to cover 50% of my face from nose upwards.
Pajamas - change into a comfy sleepwear is my permanent habit. I am still practising wearing new pajamas on CNY's eve.

Elements of the good night sleep environment include:
Total darkness - achieved by wearing the ear plugs.
Total quietness -achieved by covering my eyes and head with the small pillow.
Room temperature is maintained at 28-29C. So, blanket is not a must for me. I can sleep without blanket, unless the temperature is low.

These are all my favourite sleep wears. Looking HOT or sexy is not a key thing, but I rather want to feel really comfortable when I sleep in them. If I want to turn on my partner, I will go naked, hide myself under the blanket, and wait for him to find out with his hands .

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