New look

Pardon me that I purposely put a small pics today. Smaller pic isn't appeared that obvious. wtf!
First, I cut my hair. I failed in my mission to keep my hair long. T___T. My hair haven't longer enough, then I already gave up in keeping it any longer. Blame it to the very hot weather and also the discouragement of my hubb.

What else is new in me? Not the hair color, the color is the same. Now only I realise short hair can bring out the color of the hair better. The answer is that I get my eye brow's embroidery a re-touch up treatment. Besides, I purposely show you my left eye bag. It is so swollen and having blue black as well. It was due to the oil seeds extraction treatment. My beautician used the ultraviolet scan to treat it after the extraction. It is damn painful and it is scared now. I keep telling myself that everything will be fine after a few days. I pray for no side effect afterwards. Really "Ai sui mai mia".


  1. Not only both photo compare your 'eyebag', your get to see before and after a hair cut :P

  2. Yes, thanks to my most generous photographer.