Soups of the week

SAHM cook almost every day, and usually off cooking on weekend. A working mother like myself is opposite. I only cook on weekend. I need to boil soup. My children can take the rice easier with soup.

I cooked these soups last weekend. Carrot, radish, red dates, dries octopus and pork soup.
Then, this is the pork soup with pear. I got the idea from Wokkingmum. She has a very detailed recipe here. I just replaced the chicken with the pork only. Oops, I have addition thing that she didn't put. I put in 2 honey dates to make it sweeter. My MIL said that I can use apple to replace pear too.
Actually, I have set myself a new goal to achieve in the subsequent 6 months of 2009. I want to equip myself with more cooking skills, I want to cook more varieties dishes for my family. LOL!


  1. i like the 1st one, looks very yummy and healthy.

  2. Yes, it is healthy, that's why I cook for my children.