Sticker Fun

Every child loves stickers, so as my kids. At first, I only allowed them to stick their cartoon stickers at their sticker books. Very soon, they lost their interest in their sticker books. Then, I controlled them by only allowing them to stick on their story books, colouring books, exercise books and all types of books they have.

After April went to the kindergarten, the teachers always used stickers to reward her. Day by day, she has plenty of them already, and caused her sticker containers overload. When I went for a hair cut in one evening, they were too bored at home with the father. So, they played with their stickers, and started to find a new place to stick them. When I returned home, I was stunned by seeing their wardrobe become like this.

Till now, they still find it fun to stick their stickers there. I will try to well-keep this wardrobe, and let them have a look at their most creative activity during childhood, when they have grown up as an adult in future.

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