Talk 1 - Playground

Last night, while we 3 ladies went to the bed and off the light, May told me that she went to play at the playground for very long time. Then I knew that it was the playground at the Klinik Ibu Dan Kanak Kanak, as this morning hubb brought her there for her half yearly check up.

When hearing this, April went a bit agitated and jealous, as she was in the school that time and she didn't get to play in the playground at all.

So, April said: "Mei mei, next time you cannot go to that playground, there got a lot of mosquitoes. Don't go there, ok!".

I just kept silent and waited for what May was going to say.

May said: "Papa asked me to go one ma! Papa asked me asked me to go one wo!".

April was so geram, and I said: "You both keep quiet, mommy wants to sleep already.".

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