Talk 2 - New bed

Like I mentioned in my earlier entry that May's new bed was arrived, but we have yet to move April's bed from master room to their room. On the first night after we have arranged her new bed, while April was still watching her favourite Dibo on Disney Playhouse Channel, I secretly brought May up to see her new bed. She was so overjoyed. On the following night, almost about the same time, she held my hand after she had finished her bedtime milk and whispered to me that she wanted to go up stair earlier. Then, I knew that she wanted to drop by her room to visit her new bed. While I was busy taking photos of her on her new bed.
She said to me, "Mommy, why aunty (babysitter) said this is not my bed?".
I said, "Oh, really?".
I said again, "This is your new bed, it is yours.".
She said, "Tomorrow, I want to tell aunty that.".
My little May is satisfied after having my re-assurance.