Updates in June

June 2009 is having these special days which we can celebrate, enjoy and feel happy with,

1. 6 June - Agung's Happy Birthday
2. 10 June - Our marriage 9th Happy Anniversary, hubb and I registered on this date in Y2K.
3. 21 June - Happy Father's Day.
4. 1 - 14 June - School mid year break.
These 2 weeks school break is actually giving me more pressure than leisure, as I am quite worrying that April and May will gang up and create more trouble for babysitter, due to having longer free time at her house. In order to occupy their time effectively, I prepare April some Math and Chinese writing homework. Besides, I also provide them a colouring books to work on as well. I buy small little gifts for them on and off during my lunch breaks, just to encourage them to be well-behaved when mommy is at work.

Yesterday, hubb came back home with some good stuffs. Here they are, a red back pack and a red Adidas collar T, both are having hubb's company name and logo printed on it, one pack on Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk drink and one pack of Danone Tiger biscuits. He got all these from the participation in the blood donation campaign. So good that the red Adidas T-shirt is in my size. Yeah!

I couldn't celebrate the Mother's Day and Father's Day with my own parents, as they were no longer here. Every year, I will celebrate these days with my PIL. My PIL are very Cincai, kind-hearted, happy go lucky and too good to be true PIL. They earned my respect and appreciation for whatever they have done for me so far. I wish them good health and a long long life.
One last update about myself, I manage to lose some weight recently. A lot of people commented that I look slimmer now. They were my beautician, my baby sitter's neighbour and my best friend, Cannie. I was stuck at 62 or 63 kg for quite a long time, and now I was about 60 or 61 kg. Although it wasn't significant in number, it is good enough to be noticeable by others. I will try to maintain the weight as well as possible. Aza! Aza!


  1. Next time, I want to participate in your hubb's company blood donation too. So many FREE items compares to ours here.

  2. congrats on the weight lose!! gambateh!

  3. Yvonne, it is true. I said the same thing to my husband last night.

    Hayley, thanks ya!

  4. You are very lucky to have cincai and nice PILs. Not many ppl are blessed with good PILs.

  5. Shireen,

    Yes, I can consider myself lucky in this aspect.

  6. Shireen,

    Yes, I can consider myself lucky in this aspect.