Happy Birthday To Su In

Today (23 July) is Su In's Birthday. I want to wish Su In a very Happy Birthday, and may all your dreams come true. She was my ex-colleague in Agilent Penang. Su In, Louissa and me were very close to each other that time, as we reported to the same boss, as a result we have the same enemy. LOL! Whenever we were together, we had a lot of laughter. We shared the joy, the fun, the ups and downs of our life. Su In is a very warm and caring friend. She is humble and thoughtful to almost everyone. She is a cincai person, she seldom keeps hate and anger. She is easily forgetting friends' mistakes and faults. She has good temper and patience. I am glad that I know her.At Wen Ying's wedding, she was holding the 7 months old April.

We went to Penang to catch up with her and her family. I was at my 9th month second pregnancy.

We met again to celebrate April's 4 years old Birthday at her new condo. The pic was taken at Queen Bay Mall after watching the Disney On Ice show at PISA together.
Su In, I sincerely want to thank you for being my friend, and being so helpful and thoughtful to my family, especially when April was hospitalized at GMC due to pneumonia. Thank you for everything. Though we are far apart, you are always in my heart. Boo Hoo! I copy MJ's lyric again. Go guess what song?


  1. hmm... i think its from 'you are not alone'? ;)

  2. Sorry, not a big fan of MJ.... tell me la T_T

  3. Bingo Hayley.

    Yvonne, you disappointed me.

  4. hello.. just dropping by~

    your daughters are so cute. =)

  5. :) hehehe Yen, I have always been lurking around without leaving messages.....but I saw my name pops up so i thot i write in to you, heheh time flies, my wedding was in Dec 2004......it is great to see friends writing blogs about their kids... :)

  6. Hi Dolly, thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Wen Ying, so glad to hear from you.