The King of Fruits

I am a person who have very strong determination in losing weight. Everyone who knows me also commented that I am quite strict in my diet regime. However, I am fully defeated by the King of fruits. My diet plan was sure failed when my eyes caught the scene of durian. So far, I have spent about RM150 in this durian season. These expenses on durian was only consumed by my hubb and me only. Last week, I actually announced to the whole office that I wanted to stop buying durian already.
But, I still went and bought another last one. I hope it is really the last one. This last one cost RM25.
It is worth the money. Its flesh is so stick. The seeds are rather small. After eating for a couple of them, I was so full. I packed them into a container and stored them in the refrigerator.

I love to eat fruits which are chill. There is no exception for the King of fruits too. Now, I look at this picture, I almost can smell it, and I have to swollow my saliva down the throat.


  1. Self-control, Yan, self-control....

  2. Yvonne, this is the last one. I'm serious this time. Hahahaha. You believe or not?