May the Sailor Girl

I bought this sailor top from Anakku brand. It was only RM20 after 50%. I love seeing May wearing this top. She looked cute in it after paired with a legging.

When I took pics for her, I had to remind her to smile with her mouth closed. Otherwise, she likes to smile this way.

I was so glad that May hasn't shown any sign of refusing to go to school that April had. She likes to go to the I-Math class so much. I hope that she can show the same passion when I send her to her nursery this year end.

Yvonne said that she has become more look-alike her big sister now. Do you agree with her?


  1. I see those Math equations on the white board. Your girl can solve those?

  2. Shireen, the Math equations were set by my husband for April to do one. I just received a memo from her kindergarten that there is a maths competition in August. The 5 yo and 6yo students may need to sit for 45mins to answer 100 math equations. It is so tough for the children nowadays. So, my husband may start to get busy again to set more equations for her to do.