MJ's song that I like best

I'm still in the mood of Michael Jackson's memorial. I listen to his song while I drive to work or back from work in the car. I can only fully enjoy his music when I'm alone in the car.

His signature master pieces were Thriller, Billie Jeans, Beat It, Bad and Black or White. Subsequently, Man In The Mirror, Heal The World, You Are Not Alone, We Are The World, Smooth Criminal, I Just Can't Stop Loving You and Remember The Time were also those very successful and popular songs of him at that time.

However, I have my own favourite MJ's songs, which are not in the above list.
The Top 10 MJ's song that I like best,
  1. Blood On The Dance Floor

  2. Dangerous

  3. D.S. (The song is often cited as a derogatory reference to Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon, whose name is similar to the subject of the song, Dom Sheldon.)

  4. History

  5. Human Nature

  6. Who Is It

  7. Will You Be There ( The lyrics were best written by Michael Jackson to show support in his stressed lifestyle and the burden of fame ).

  8. They Don't Care About Us ( Musically, it is an aggressive hip-hop production about social ills.)
  9. You Rock My World

  10. The Way You Make Me Feel

I simply love the melody and rhythms of these songs very much. His music touched my life.


  1. for me, i like Billie Jean.
    but i love his dance steps in Smooth Criminal the BEST!

  2. Yes Hayley,
    His performance on stage or MTV can consider PERFECT. Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal were the two songs having shown his moonwalker steps the BEST.