Parents' Hope

Another outdoor activity that my children enjoy the most was playing badminton with the father. Luckily hubb is a not bad badminton player. April is showing high enthusiasm in this sport as well. May be she has got more of the father's gene. Hubb and April could play in the game for more than an hour.
On the hand, May would lose the interest in the game after 15minutes. May be she is still too young to appreciate it.
By the way, hubb was so kind to lend them his precious rackets.
The rackets that both April and May used were the father's belongings. Each costs above RM100.
At night, I told hubb that MJ was trained to sing on stage at 5 years old, Anita Mui was started to sing at 4 years old. That's why, both of them were so successful in their singing career when they had grown up.
So, I asked him to train both my daughters in playing Badminton more often. Who's know one day they will win the gold medal for Malaysia in the future Olympic Games. Then, I will be the mother of Datuk April or Datuk May.Boo Hoo........What to do? I born as a good dreamer.

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